Teaching Teens Finance

We are an organization composed of high school students from a variety of schools around California who teach an engaging 10-week online curriculum that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of must-know financial topics.

What Do We Teach


Employing a peer-to-peer teaching style, we provide high school students with a thorough understanding of financial topics such as investing, asset management, and must-know language to help them gain both financial literacy and financial independence.



Want to learn about investments? Explore the world of stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, and real estate with three young financial enthusiasts.


Financial Language

What is credit and debit? The difference between assets and liabilities? Learn this and more through our comprehensive 10-week curriculum.


Asset Management

This is key to financial sustenance, and with the 10-week course, students are taught the ins and outs of healthy monetary habits.

Our Curriculum


Our comprehensive curriculum covers a broad range of topics with the purpose of giving students a strong fundamental understanding of financial concepts.


Assets & Liabilities

Want to learn about what puts money in your pocket? Learn about the difference between assets and liabilities, debt, and how to balance budget sheets.

Conscious Spending

Business Operation & Careers



Many Americans do not have money saved for retirement. We teach students how to start saving, different retirement plans, and estate planning.



This lesson introduces the course and discusses what will follow.



Want to learn about investments? Explore the world of stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, and real estate with three young financial enthusiasts.


Personal Savings

Want to learn about saving? Explore budgeting techniques, the power of compound interest, the difference between saving and checking accounts, and how to keep your savings safe.



Knowledge of taxes are essential in today's financial world. Learn about different types of taxes, tax brackets, and tax-advantaged plans.



Want to learn about credit? Learn about credit cards, loans, debt, and smart borrowing practices.


Want to learn about conscious spending? Explore the difference between wants and needs, lines of credit, and ways to enhance self control at the mall.


Want to learn about careers in business and finance? Explore the world of hedge funds, financial consulting, and corporate finance.

About Us


In starting this program, our goal was to empower students of all backgrounds by equipping them with valuable financial knowledge. Through our 10-week online curriculum, we have helped students of all socioeconomic backgrounds gain a comprehensive baseline knowledge of topics ranging from investments and the stock market to taxes and retirement plans. One of the true highlights of Trifecta is the way in which finance is taught: from students to students. This structure ensures the education process is both fun and effective for all parties involved.


Meet The Team


Ian Ishak

As co-founder and president of Trifecta Finance, Ian Ishak seeks to expand his longtime mission of making finance more equitable through peer-taught educational courses. In the beginning of the covid lockdowns, Ian explored his interest in finance, learning about stocks, investments, and budgeting. Through his research and interaction with peers and family members, he realized that there is a large disparity in financial knowledge between privileged and less privileged communities. To change this, he and his friend Luke started teaching financial courses to underprivileged high school students through El Nido family centers and co-founded Trifecta Finance.  Outside of this endeavor, Ian enjoys biking, tinkering with computers, and swimming. He is currently a rising senior at Palisades Charter High School.

Dylan Silverman

Dylan Silverman, a junior at Oakwood secondary school, joined Trifecta in April 2021. Through his role in expanding the volunteer roster and outreach, Dylan hopes to bring the program to its most remarkable capacity. Dylan has always sought out ways to impact his community positively. While he took many avenues to improve his community, either through tutoring or judging debates, Trifecta was the perfect outlet to better the people around him on a much grander scale. With hobbies from online commerce to poetry, Dylan hopes to utilize his skills to impact the LA community positively. 


Konnie Duan

Konnie Duan is a rising senior at Harvard-Westlake School. She actively seeks to help her community, whether through teaching science at a family center or helping out at the medical booth at fencing tournaments. She is a fencer and dancer (predominantly trained in ballet and contemporary dance). In her free time, she enjoys traveling, skiing, watching Youtube videos, and hanging out with friends. Through Trifecta, she currently works on cultivating communications with partner schools and strives to educate others about financial literacy.


Harper Fogelson

Harper Fogelson attends Harvard Westlake where she is a rising junior. She is the Volunteer Coordinator at Trifecta Finance, strengthening Trifecta’s interpersonal connections with trusted volunteers and scholastic relationships at a variety of schools in underserved communities. Aside from enjoying the mathematical aspects of finance and simply all things related to math, the understanding that knowledge in the realm of finance can help many students gain social mobility is truly her driving force in continuing to pursue financial expertise. Her interest in the financial world was sparked by a three week summer program at Oxford, where she studied Business and Finance and built a startup company.  Aside from finance, she loves music, specifically playing the cello, and adores all learning related to math and science. 

Sienna profile pic1_edited_edited.png

Sienna Mahmoodzadegan

Sienna Mahmoodzadegan grew up in Los Angeles, California before attending the Taft School in Connecticut, where she is a rising senior. She has been an active volunteer in numerous organizations which provide service to communities in need, including Baby2Baby and Vision to Learn. While her favorite subjects in school include History and English, she has always been interested in the stock market and personal finance. Her interest in the business world was sparked when she was assigned to write a stock report on the Walt Disney Company. She realized how daunting the world of finance could be without someone mentoring you through all of the complexity. Trifecta is an ideal way for her to incorporate her interest in financial literacy and sharing that knowledge with others. Aside from academics, Sienna enjoys surfing, golfing and playing pickleball. 


Christopher Brent

Christopher Brent is a College Freshman at Cox School of Business at SMU. Christopher started his own L.L.C “Brent Capital Group” in 2021 after earning enough capital through his job as an investor. He has worked several jobs at Gideon Strategic Partners,, and as of recent JLL. He is an ambitious and curious 19 year old who avidly loves to learn about the field of finance and world economics. In spring of 2022, Christopher raised and contributed $10,000 to Trifecta from his philanthropic fund and joined the team.

Luke Shuman


A rising freshman at Stanford University, Luke Shuman co-founded Trifecta in the summer of 2020. With the support of Bank of America, Luke developed an assortment of math & finance programs at the El Nido Family Centers, serving over 200 students & winning him the Presidential Service Award, KNX’s Hero of the week, & El Nido’s Impact award. Luke is passionate about using technology to solve meaningful problems in finance & works with Leading Business Ventures (LBV), a boutique, MIT-backed venture consultancy firm to help build financial products for underbanked individuals. In his spare time, Luke enjoys building algorithmic trading systems, surfing, & spending time with his friends. 

Community Impact


Throughout our existence as an organization we have worked with numerous partners, the most notable being Bank of America and El Nido Family Centers. In working with these organizations, we have gotten one step closer to fulfilling our goal of delivering effective and engaging financial instruction to all teens, regardless of socioeconomic status.








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