Hey, we're Trifecta Finance!


In starting this program, our goal was to empower students of all backgrounds by equipping them with valuable financial knowledge. Through our 10-week online curriculum, we have helped students of all socioeconomic backgrounds gain a comprehensive baseline knowledge of topics ranging from investments to taxes. And the best part is that the students are instructed by people of a similar age group, making the education process more fun and effective.

Sadly, finance is a topic often overlooked in school, and is even a taboo topic in some social circles. Knowledge of finance gives students power over their money, no matter what career they choose to pursue. Here at Trifecta Finance, we firmly believe that financial knowledge should be more accessible in the scholastic setting, so we developed a 10-week course to address this issue. After our course, we lead students on a path to success by providing them with the knowledge and resources necessary to pursue a financial education.

If anyone you know is interested in participating in this program, please contact us using the form below.